Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Cost Saving with RPO [Recruitment Process Outsourcing]

Your team will make the difference between an average experience with your organisation and a great one. Your team is the key to building strong relationships with your clients and associates. 
It is your team members who will play the key role in building your brand and expanding into new markets. Knowing this...

Are you committed to finding the best talent possible?

Having the best talent is a competitive advantage in today’s demanding and complex world. Because the success of business relies upon talent, acquiring the most qualified people is increasingly competitive. To win, organizations need expertise in implementing innovative and differentiated sourcing and attraction strategies.

That's why companies have turned to SGS Centre Of Excellence. We deliver RPO solutions around the world, leveraging our global experience to deliver local recruiting expertise. We provide flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include everything from sourcing and selection to on-boarding to find the talent you need. Our RPO solutions are tailor made to our client’s needs. The following benefits are realized in our client solutions:

  • Transparency in the entire process
  • Redesign and optimizing of the HR / Recruitment process
  • Our clients can react with more flexibility and speed to placements
  • Time to closure reduces average by 25%
  • Process and structure optimization
  • Significant cost reduction
  • International / global support

It does not have to be expensive to hire a professional.


Our clients trust us to give them a real competitive edge. Our deep understanding of the industries, sectors and markets we operate in enables us to attract and retain a higher quality of talent, saving considerable time, money and effort in the process resulting in reduced recruiting cost, improved profitability, shorter time to hire, increased candidate quality and improved hiring manager satisfaction. 

Hiring the best is your most important task.

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