Fundamentals for the Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating and developing a marketing strategy for your company or product is already a difficult task and creating a good and effective marketing strategy that will work for you is even more challenging.

Nowadays Social media is highly accessible and easy to use for anyone. People manage their personal social media accounts with ease and simplicity but managing a business account or a company page is a completely different ball game.

A universally effective marketing strategy for everyone does not exist. Marketing strategies, especially on social media platforms must me specified and tailor made for the product or service that you or your company offers.

However, there are some fundamental rules and tips that can guide you in the creation of the winning social media marketing strategy. Key fundamental steps for even having a chance of developing the best marketing strategy for you are to define your brand value proposition, define your goals and the target audience, choose the right platforms, measure your activities and engagement and find a way to demonstrate your authenticity.


You need to know what is the value that your product or service gives to your existing and potential customer. If you already know that then you need to figure out a way how to show the value that you give your customers through social media channels. It is important that you define how you are going to demonstrate your added value to other potential customers. Otherwise your strategy will not have any effect.


After you have identified your brand value proposition the next thing to do is to define your goals of the marketing strategy. Goals are important and you need to define them in the way that they can be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time defined (SMART).

Before you even start to define your marketing strategy, make sure that your goals satisfy the SMART criteria. By defining your goals, you will have a clear vision on what kind of activities you need to do and what kind of content you need to create to achieve your target goals.


If you are an already established business that has just started to explore the area of online marketing you probably already know your target audience and you have a definition of the perfect buyer persona for your product or service. Then you just need to transfer the traits and details of your usual target audience on the social media platform.

If you have just started your business and you have no idea what your ideal target audience is, the first thing you need to do is to research what kind of audience do you want to attract to your business. Analyze and define the perfect buyer persona for your products or services. By defining your ideal audience it will be easier to find the audience that you need on the social media platforms. When you

know what kind of people you want to attract to your social media page creating content and activities will be much easier and your strategy will be more effective. When you manage to locate your ideal target audience you can create content that will result in higher social media engagement rates which will lead to an increase in the awareness of your brand.


When you have defined your brand value proposition, goals and your target audience then you can start to develop a detailed plan of activites and content of your marketing strategy. Since there are a number of social media platforms that attract different types of people, it makes no sense to waste time and energy on creating a presence on all of them. Therefore you need to figure out which of the platforms would work best for you and on which platforms is your ideal audience present. If you are trying to sell a product or an art piece then you should focus on generating a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest because you can post photos and videos of your products. Depending on what kind of product or service you are offering, it is essential that you choose only a couple of platforms where you can market your business successfully.


Now that you have defined all the important goals and you have chosen the right platforms for you, it is time to start the hardest part of creating a winning social media marketing strategy. Now after you have defined the key fundamentals for your strategy, you need to figure out how you can create activities and content that will result in highest engagement or your ideal audience.

You need to plan what kind of activities you want to use and what kind of content you will post but also you need to plan when and how frequent your activities are going to be. Your activiteas and posting shouldn`t be too rare nor too frequent. If your posts are too rare people will lose interest in your page and they will leave you and if they are too frequent you might come across as to spammy or annoying which will also result in people disliking your page and abbandoning your groups. Therefore you need to test by trial and error what is the perfect posting frequency for you.

This will take some time but eventually you are going to understand the social media behavioral habits of your customers.


The last fundamental error that people make while creating and conducting their social media strategy is that they look around the web and directly copy the contents of other companies and businesses. Sometimes you might be able to hide it but eventually people will see that there is little effort put in the content creation. Of course you can check your competition`s pages or different pages to get your creative juices flowing but in the end you will need to create your own authentic approach to content creation and page management.

People might think that social media is easy to use and simple but when it comes to business if you want to achieve success you will have to work hard for it. To start is the most difficult part but the fundamentals that you have read about in this article are a great way to start your social media marketing strategy on the right path.

It will not be easy, but I encourage you to invest time in it because it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Author: Marko Petrovic