The Future of inside sales

The term inside sales is defined as a process that involves the sale of products and services by people that are working remotely. Almost all activities of an inside sales person are done over phone or online. The term of inside sales has made an appearance in the last century and since then it has been following the technological developments in the ICT industry. In the past, outside sales had a much bigger influence and importance than inside sales but in the last 15 years the roles have changed. Inside sales, or “remote sales” as some people call, it has a bright future in front of it. 

According to some studies, at present the inside sales market has been growing around 300 % faster than any other type of sales. This information might be surprising at first but if you take a look at our world now, this trend should not be surprising.  

Technological advancements in the ICT industry are making amazing new ways and tools that can be used by an inside sales representative to communicate with clients with greater efficiency and effectiveness.  

With the development of smartphones and other mobile devices the inside sales rep is now able to connect and communicate with prospects and clients from anywhere in the world and at any time.  Also, the advances in supporting tech provides more high-quality prospect data thus enabling better conversations that allows the inside sales rep to get more clients and sell more.  

There are many reasons why inside sales is the future of selling products and services for companies.  

The biggest reason is the worldwide digitalization of business and marketplaces. Nowadays everyone is online, almost every person in the world has some kind of online presence through social media, websites, forums, blogs and etc. Therefore most of the companies have started to build their presence and brand online. With new forms of online marketing and communication with potential customers being developed every day, the possibilities for conducting sales online are endless. This opens up a lot of new opportunities for Inside sales representatives. New forms of prospecting and contacting new potential customers online will make the inside sales rep`s job more effective.  

The digitalization that happened in the past decade or so changed the way people communicate and buy the products and services they need. People are getting so used to online shopping and communication that they even prefer to do their business and shopping online than face to face. According to recent study by the SBI the results show that today`s buyers prefer communicating and purchasing over the phone or online. To be exact. 75 percent of the people prefer to talk with the inside sales representative over the phone or online than face to face. With that in mind it is possible to see the importance of a good inside sales strategy for any company.  

The current predictions show that inside sales is slowly replacing outside sales and it will soon become the more important segment of the sales strategy for companies. With the worldwide digitalization and people getting used to online purchasing we can conclude that the future of inside sales is indeed very bright.  

Author: Marko Petrovic