Ground Rules for Becoming a Better Salesperson

Nobody was born knowing everything; however, human race has an enormous capacity to learn. We learn as long as we live. And as we learn, we grow both privately and professionally. 

As a salesperson one has to be in the loop all the time. That often requires additional efforts in certain fields depending on the market growth and changing. Still, there are a couple of values that are always cherished among salespeople and that can increase your credibility. 

Here are a few pieces of advice that could be helpful in becoming a better salesperson: 

Keep your audience in mind. 

It is extremely important to keep in mind what kind of people you talk to because in the end that determines everything else. Salespeople usually talk to decision makers.  Communication is the key tool that will lead you to your goals.  

The audience will also directly affect your behaviour and attitude. Both communication and behaviour should be adjusted to the level of the people that you interact with. The way of communication is mostly not the same with an executive and a person at a lower position. Usually it is not at all dictated by you, but it is rather a reflection of their attitude towards you. However, you should always try to be as polite and as grammatically and politically correct as possible.  

Vocabulary is also something to bear in mind and use appropriately. But if you feel rather relaxed with the interlocutor, it is often more than welcome to address them with their first name or similar because it gives you the impression of closeness. Nevertheless, it is also important to be socially aware of other person's attitude and recognize when boundaries have been crossed. 

Set your goals for each period. 

Prior to starting the sales process set your goals. That way you will be able to keep track of what you have accomplished at a certain point in time or what you still have to do. Setting goals will allow you make long-lasting plans and they are the key to knowing your status. You will only be able to measure your success and improvement if you know how much you have achieved and when. 

Keep them interested. 

The only way you will be constant in achieving your goals is if you keep your audience interested. Whether it is a product that you are offering or a service, make sure to raise their interest in a way that suits best your field, e.g. by using appropriate marketing strategies, attractive offers or something else. You know best what distinguishes your company from everybody else on the market so use your competence. 


Know your product. 

Always be prepared. Knowledge is a powerful weapon. When you know your product, you can negotiate, and negotiations can turn into new business.  

Apart from that, knowledge also boosts your confidence. And confidence is a perfect ally for success. 

Respect other people's time. 

Be respectful in regards of time. It is a valuable asset and not to be wasted, which is why you should always try to be punctual when attending an arranged meeting or any other type of arrangement. In case of an emergency, make sure to notify them accordingly. If you disrespect other people's time, you disrespect them. 

Listen to your customer's needs. 

This trait is highly appreciated. If you listen carefully to their needs, you will be able to provide them with the best service possible. And customer satisfaction is what keeps the good reputation, maintains good customer relationship and wins new business. 

Keep an open mind. 

Be ready to listen to someone else's advice and expand your horizonsMaybe they have more experience or knowledge than you do and can help you perform on a higher level. Sometimes a new thought can encourage new ideas and help solve some other issues. 

Author: Andrea Kristic