How does digitalization improve marketing?

Digital marketing operations include the applications of ability, structures and technologies to cost-effectively operate and measure targeting of digital channels. Marketing operations have a decisive role in driving bottom line growth. That ability directly potentiates the speed, frequent growth and discouragement that prosperous companies need to have to form the marketplace.

Large number of companies outside the IT sector are becoming digital leaders, and that way they are increasing their popularity on the market. In the text below there are a few trends listed that will have influence on companies in the future:

1. The impact of hyperscaling

The requisite for bigger and faster data centers is growing. Google is the largest in the field of hyperscale data centers with over a million servers consuming around 260 million megawatts of power. New hyperscaling entry will have to defeat former restrictions. However, not only Internet companies but also the other industries like utilities, oil , gas and automotive are also catching up the hyperscale level with their sensors and data centers.

2. The way applications connect

Applications have preference of being easy, compact and self-contained. They can improve the efficacy of the company as well as the productivity of a single employee. For example, the Repsly company situated in Boston, but also has a branch office in Zagreb, collects information in the field and communicates it back to the manager. They automatically turn field data into stunning visual reports, making it easier than ever for managers to identify bottlenecks and best practices. The number of industries that have discovered applications as a way of connecting with customers and clients is rising fast.

3. Relationship between companies and customers

In the future customers will be collaborating directly on products by giving their ideas through networks. Up until recently, marketing departments were researching wishes and preferences of customers, but that will change soon. Collaboration over Internet, both personal and private, is unlimited today. Because of that a large number of digital areas offer companies a sort of ‘’online labor market’’.

However, marketing is well suited to take on the challenge. It has already been a major source for digitalization that has been operating as the center of digital interaction with clients for years. No other branch had to face the challenges and overcome the obstacles like marketing. One of the best-known examples is dealing with Internet connection that, as a crucial asset in digital marketing, does not always suit our needs. Nevertheless, it only proves that marketing is ready for implementing new era’s innovative ways of operating that will improve their business management.

Author: Anita Kanizaj

Contact: akanizaj@s-gsg,com