Xing – more than a search engine

It seems that until recently most people outside the D/A/C/H region haven't heard of Xing. But the fact that the site itself is available in 16 languages (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean) it is safe to say that xing has become popular outside the mentioned region. At first glance the site is quite simple and easy to use. It has easy acces to the members profiles, messages, news, companies, etc. Xing is most popular for job seeking and job offering members. It has a quite powerful search tab which can specify the criteria a person is seeking to the smallest detail, of course, depending on the type of account a member has (basic, premium, talent manager). The more upgraded the profile is the better the search result is. But this isn't the only service they offer. The site is divided into sections, i.e., job board where you can find tips for job orientation, for applying to jobs, plan your career development, see if you're earning as much as you should, etc. It also offers a section with business – events, where you can see all the conferences, fairs, exhibits, seminars, workshops and networking events, and even recommendations for your preferences! Xing is also great for discussions in your preffered groups in which you can join but also has a section for enterprises where the members get suggestions for their next potential employer. There's also a section for students and projects where members can join in on existing projects or create project that interest them and thus exchange knowledge with colleagues and fellow Xing members. Of course there is a section speciffically for enterprises where Xing offers: Xing Events, Xing E-Recruiting and Xing Marketing – Solutions, all in order to enhance the busness of member's enterprises. Xing has also a very interesting news section where's an overall view of the latest news posted by none other than the members where they share their experiences, expertises and knowledge. Last but not least, Xing has a section with „other services“ where members can find coaches, read experiences written by ex – employees from certain companies, get your personalized professional CV and find the most recent jobs as Xing is supported by German job board (Jobbörse). All in all, a person can use Xing for many things, i.e, for getting in touch with previous co-workers, wanting to know about the potential new company, job, to get in touch with recruiters, colleagues, finding out the latest news in the job board area and many more. If you're currently searching for a new challenging job opportunity, Xing will be a very good start as it will assist in every important aspect of job search.

Author: Sara Jabara

Contact: sjabara@s-gsg.oom