1. The coaching sessions between the company and the coachee are interactive and are usually between 30 min. to 45 min. depending on the subject & phase in the coaching program. They are depending on where we are in the program [Status Quo, The Wave, The New Perspective] every two weeks or when need be in preparation for a client or feedback on a proposal short term negotiated. This coaching program requires the coachee to work and prepare his content as negotiated in the individual sessions. This programs success is based on the support and work of the coachee.
  2. Each Block has a maximum of 10h dedicated to the coachee. In some cases, it is less than that, if content is well prepared and very good organized by the coachee.
  3. Aside the initial fee every other section is payable when completed. If the candidate stops at any time after a block has started he has to pay the block that has begun in full.