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We're truly independent with no commercial links to staffing agencies. Our pure-play talent acquisition and management outsourcing solutions focus on your specific needs, building your brand, infrastructure and talent assets.

Delivering exquisite experiences. We can support you globally or in specific locations.

Sales [BDO – Business Development Outsourcing]:

Our objective is to measurably increase your revenue within the shortest possible time. How? Our sales experts analyse and strengthen existing structures. They develop the optimum sales approach for each of your customer segments and take over individual sales processes for you or specific sections of your sales efforts in their entirety. Our prime objective is to monitor, measure and control our customer’s:

Cost of Sales:

  • Sales Power
  • Revenue
  • Process Optimization
  • Cost Reduction
  • ICT Outsourcing

Always in view: Your Success.

SGS accesses new markets for you quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of our know-how. Your benefits: we control and manage the sales staff for you – so that you can adapt swiftly to economic changes. Secure crucial flexibility in terms of infrastructure and personnel.

  • New markets: fast and flexible.
  • SGS reduces your costs up to 40%.
  • SGS works transparently. Track your sales figures in real time. At any place and any time.
  • Know-how: industry-specific, international, up-to-date.
  • We guarantee our clients G1ain all sectors maximum quality of intelligence.
  • We operate nationally and internationally.
  • Our focus is your success.
  • Your gain: added value.
  • SGS secures decisive competitive advantages for your company:
  • Reduction in distribution costs
  • Rapid market penetration
  • Fast and efficient sales of your products or services
  • Maximum competence for product and guidance
  • Individual sales strategies
  • Transparent performance monitoring
  • Process Optimization
  • ICT Effectiveness
  • Persistence is the key to success
  • Quality is the best business plan – John Lasseter