Recruitment process optimization

"Hiring the best is your most important task."
- Steve Jobs

When market requirements call for multiple hires within a short timeframe, these defiances can generate elevated costs and obstruct your ability to meet business targets. SGS Recruitment Soultions offer an innovative approach to advance your talent aquisitions and deliver a inteligent strategy in today’s complex and demanding business world.

Are you committed to finding the best talent possible?

We provide flexible and scalable recruitment solutions to find the talent you need. Our innovative approach ensures the results you need:

  • Improving the companies time to hire
  • Increasing the quality of the candidate pool
  • Reducing costs
  • Providing verifiable metrics
  • Improving governmental compliance
What service category best fits your needs?

Our resources are designed to fit the client’s needs. With an ability to “flex” our design and expertise model, we offer an exceptional process, quality and efficiency experts, delivering tracking and results, real-time metrics and dashboards within a variety of pricing models. All our services can be scaled up or down, build on dynamic hiring requirements.

Recruitment Optimizations

The SGS customizable RPO solution is invented as a tool to reduce costs and improve the quality of hire for our clients. Our exceptional process and technological expertise is based on the insights, tools, and methodologies of the proven SGS Define, Search & Select, Place and Integrate [D, S, P & I] process. We have designed our solutions to be flexible and scalable to your organization’s needs.

Our services includes:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Enterprise RPO

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Project RPO

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Point of service RPO

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Consulting RPO

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Contigency RPO

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Branded RPO

Enterprise RPO
  • Longterm
  • End to end recruiting
  • ownership of process
  • technology and results
  • customer branding
  • job familiy or geographic outsourcing of the recruitment function

Are you the ideal candidate for enterprise RPO?

TRO [Talent Research Outsourcing]
  • Benefits of an end-to-end approach for a project in a scope

Are you the ideal candidate for project RPO?


RTS [Research Talent Service]
  • Applicant intake
  • Applicant screening
  • Social media recruiting
  • Putting data in the applicant tracking system
DRS [Dedicated Recruiter Solution]
  • Effective method for delivering advice on the recruiting process and improving the overall process
  • Different types of RPO providers for different verticals
TRS [Talent Research Service]
  • Ideal for a certain number of hires or during a ramp up process
Branded / White Label / Pool Recruitment
  • Creating talent pools on the behalf of the client
Executive Placement / Executive RPO

“Powerful problem solving where it matters most – at the highest levels of leadership”

“We drive your success – we think beyond boundaries having global reach with local delivery”

“Dedication to executive success starts with listening to executive needs”

Finding and attracting top talent is makes the difference.

We understand that executive search is a specific business where respect for the individual is the key to success.

SGS executive search professionals specialize in identifying and sourcing talented executives within our Sectors of Excellence. Here at SGS, we share the sector-specific expertise of clients and candidates. Therefore, we can trigger interest and build trusted relationships with executives in these sectors and deliver effective and timely results. Key performers are the most important success factor in business. Top people will deliver better results and create sustainable values. Therefore, winning the right talents has become more crucial than ever. The successful selection of candidates will make the difference between being mediocre and being a champion.


Our experience as long-term industry insider in executive positions, and with an individual network of skilled managers who can operate at any given stage of development of a business is what makes us an ahead of the game RPO provider.