Always in view: Your success.

Service quality: optimized.

SGS wants everything to run as smoothly as possible for you and your clients. In order to ensure this, our teams work exclusively for your company. Through external and internal benchmarks, we optimize processes and keep the costs low. The results back us up: higher resolution rates, short processing times, increased quality.

Customer satisfaction: maximized.

Continuously optimized service quality ensures constant satisfaction amongst customers. The proof: our very high average value of more than 95% in customer satisfaction surveys.

Revenues and customer value: increased.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers. And they’re happy to purchase again. We take advantage of this satisfaction and loyalty amongst your customers, whenever it makes sense, as the basis for up-selling and cross-selling. This reduces your costs, increases your revenue and, of course, the value of your clients.

What you gain: your added value.

  • SGS assures your company of long-term added value through the implementation of efficiency processes:
  • Permanent ongoing development
  • Constant process of improvement
  • More efficient solutions
  • An increase in the value of your clients
  • An increase in the loyalty of your customers
  • Your cost centers become profit centers
Customer Interaction Centre

Our range of services:

  • Central contact and administration point for your customer enquiries
  • Management, coordination and processing of customer enquiries
  • Presales and postsales advice
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Data maintenance for transactions and customer contacts
The added value for you:
  • Increase in service quality
  • Increase in productivity through best-practice measures
  • Increase in your revenue through up-selling and cross-selling
  • Reduction in costs through exploitation of standardization potentials
Technical Service Centre

Our range of services:

  • Central administration point for technical customer queries
  • Diagnosis & solution centre
  • Targeted forwarding to downstream instances
  • Up-selling and cross-selling of products and services
  • Database administration for your company’s CRM system
The added value for you:
  • Optimum service quality
  • Competent complaints management
  • Case management system
  • Increase in the solution rate
  • Reduction of downstream costs through high initial resolution rates
  • Increase in customer value through up-selling and cross-selling
Brand Management & Marketing

Are you having trouble finding work or talent because you lack propper branding or the marketing strategy you have doesnt work?
Our marketing and branding team at SGS can help you get attention and create interest from market leaders or new talent.


Brand strategy for companies

It's important to create a brand that speaks to your ideal meployee. If they don't see you as a perfect place to move and work to then you might loose the perfect candidate. We can help you create a company culture that attracts top talent to you.


Brand strategy for proffesionals

Importance of marketing orientation and career brand building for your career development is essential in modern business. We use marketing communication strategies to make your professional persona out in the marketplace. We can help you devise strategies for managing your professional reputation by creating your personal brand, and plan steps for strategic personal branding. This includes personal branding statements, brand personas, social networking plan and career branding.

Online Store

Our range of services:

  • Management of web shops & online shops
  • Processing of all services & activities in web shops
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Product advice, service processing, enquiries on finance, dispatch and delivery status
  • Content Management System – handling & operation
  • Translation Services
The added value for you:
  • Increased quality of purchasing and service
  • Retention and increase of customer trust
  • Increased productivity through best practice
  • Increase in the conversion rate
  • Increased revenue through up-selling and cross-selling
IT support

If your organization does not have an IT department, why not outsource it?

Every business needs a good underlying technology that efficiently and reliably runs your software applications. We implement all kinds of infrastructure solutions that helps your company stay focused on its core business.

Most of the occuring problems are possible to solve remotely. If you have an IT department at your service, you can always ask for help- and we will gladly respond to your request. We can jump in for implementation and maintenance of computers, collaboration tools (Office 365),  servers, backups, VOIP, database checks, web site adjustments etc.

Human Resources

We offer temporary provision of Human Resource Management resources and skills. Employ our Interim HR Managers to take ownership for the delivery of a specific temporary project or resolution of an issue, for example:

  • to fill highly specialist skill gaps within existing teams
  • to solve problems such as disputes/crises
  • to design and deliver change initiatives around mergers/acquisitions or redundancies
  • to cover vacancies
  • to project manage the implementation of a specific HR system
Training & Coaching
  • NPC [New Perspective Coaching]
  • OBC [One Boarding Coaching]
  • (Total Workforce) in the future: Creating the optimal mix of permanent and temporary employees to meet your organization’s needs
  • Permanent workforce: Building the most capable and committed team to drive your organization forwards    
  • Flexible workforce: Talent is at the heart of what drives organizational success. Find the right formula and you can set yourself up to be a market leader. Get it wrong, however, and your competitors will leave you behind.
  • Campus & School Leaver: Engaging the critically important campus and school leaver talent segment requires a different type of thinking. We're passionate about this world of talent.
  • Executive Talent: Attracting and engaging impactful leaders